I’ll be gone today on a Campus Ministry Leaders Retreat. Pray that we can come together as a team, focus on what’s important, and truly come up with some great ideas for this school year!

My college is known for being incredibly haunted, and I think my room has met its match. I hope they do room blessing soon!

Prayers for a postulant and those she leaves behind?


My friend is entering the Sisters of Life in exactly one week. 

My friends and I are all very supportive. We’ve helped her fundraise her college debt away so she’d be able to enter. We’ve thrown her a ‘bachelorette’ party and told everyone she was engaged to a ‘Jose.’ I plan on writing her letters constantly.

The sisters ask that she remove all her social media when she enters, so I was going through her Facebook and grabbing any of her pictures that struck my fancy. And instead the reality struck me.

One week. That’s all I have left with her until she can be with her Beloved. 

Vocations are as much a sacrifice for the friends and family of a postulant/seminarian as the postulant/seminarian themselves. They too must go through a period of mourning and rely on God’s strength to get them through the hard times. They too must learn to turn their aching and loneliness to the Lord. 

So if you have a spare moment during your night prayer tonight, could you think to throw up both a prayer of thanksgiving for my friend’s response to her call and also a prayer for she and those she leaves behind during this time of transition? It’s going to be a doozy for my friend group. 

Peace and love. <3

Sending up those prayers! My friend entered with the TORs this summer so if you need to chat, I totally get what you’re going through! :)

After some impromptu praise and worship, a sheetz run, and a sheetz feast on the basilica steps, it’s time for this Catholic college kid to hit the pillows.

My wooden cross a friend made me fell off the wall and broke my favorite mug, a gift from a past CCD student.

My wooden cross a friend made me fell off the wall and broke my favorite mug, a gift from a past CCD student.

Today I had to work from 12-3 for my work-study position in the Coverlet Gallery. I was INSANELY happy because I was the only one working so I had full run of the gallery, the collections, the archives, and could focus on my research for my senior exhibit! And it just made me so happy because I loved every second of it—especially since I realized this was my first paid job in my career field. It was almost reassuring to know that my choice to follow this academic/career path is really what makes me happy.


Some days: I want to be a priest!

Others days: I want to be a hermit or monk!

Still other days: I want a wife and family!

I used to kid my friends a lot that I was going to leave behind the world and become a hermit because I didn’t want to be around people. A guy who went to my college then transferred to enter the seminary came back to go to a Christian concert. As we drove, he turned me and said “I think it’s really beautiful that God has given you the gifts to shut out the world and focus solely on Him. If anyone could be a hermit, it’s you.” I quickly stated that it was just a joke I had with some friends. I was never sure whether to be insulted or not… :)