Spent 2 hours driving around with a friend who just went through a bad break up then spent another hour or so skyping my best friend Patrick. I really do love my friends.

It’s going to be a good day. I’m wearing a new (to me) sweater from my TOR friend, I don’t have lab, and the STEELERS PLAYED BEAUTIFULLY LAST NIGHT. Not that I could see since I don’t have a TV, but I had the game on the radio and I swear football is almost more fun when you listen instead of watch.



Ok but can we talk about Catholics in the wizarding community? BEcause I think about Catholics in the wizarding community A LOT.

  • muggle-born Catholics who get visited not only by Dumbledore, but also by a bishop appointed to explain the Church’s stance on magic (it is neutral, and like all…

I’m glad other people worry about the Catholic students at Hogwarts.

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Too liberal for the Trad/Conservative Catholics. Too trad/conservative for the Liberal Catholics. 

too universal for the Catholics…wait what

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That moment when you pay the $200 for the GRE and the fact that you’re applying to grad schools for next year really begins to hit you in the face.

I think I’m going to mail a letter to my TOR Candidate friend at the end of every month. It’s already insanely long. Gosh, I cannot wait to see her.

I’m turning in my application for the Rome pilgrimage on Monday. Right now I’m going through and googling the places in the itinerary. I AM SO EXCITED. 

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*whistles and claps from the back of the class*…

Hehehe, thank you!

Since today the Scottish have voted to remain with Great Britain, I think we should ask for the intercession of Saint Margaret of Scotland. May the peace continue in Scotland over the results.

Catholic College Perks:

1. Professor in your class on medieval women being totally cool with you doing your research paper on your Confirmation saint.

2. Doing a thesis on anti-popery in the American colonies and your school just happens to have a collection of 17th century English pamphlets on the evils of the “Romanish church.”